WATCH: Hunter Hayes reflects on meeting Bublé, not feeling ‘Invisible’

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TORONTO — Country star Hunter Hayes ended his week-long visit to Canada on Friday by singing the praises of homegrown crooner Michael Bublé.

“I’m a huge fan,” said Hayes, who was invited to hang out backstage with Bublé in Edmonton.

“I was so excited because I’ve always wanted to meet him.”

During an appearance on Global’s The Morning Show, Hayes said he has seen Bublé perform several times.

“He’s a cool guy on stage and you assume that that’s who he really is because he’s funny, he’s just cool and goofy — and he was even cooler,” Hayes said. “He was so cool, like so chill. I had to tell him, ‘dude you have no idea how nervous I am.’”

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Hayes is a Louisiana native who blasted onto the music scene in 2011 with a hit self-titled debut album — that came after five independent releases — and singles like “Wanted” and “Somebody’s Heartbreak.” He earned three Grammy nominations and an opening slot on Carrie Underwood’s tour.

His sophomore release, Storyline, includes the hit “Invisible” which has resonated with everyone from bullying victims to gay teens.

Hayes said the song is based on personal experience.

“I’m a music geek, self-proclaimed. I always have been, I always will be,” he explained. “That’s kind of my place but it took me awhile to figure out that that was OK. For a long time … I was an outcast and I didn’t really have a place to fit in.”

Hunter Hayes appears on ‘The Morning Show’ on June 27, 2014.

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The singer said he found his place thanks to his fans.

“I can be myself and feel like myself and share what it is that I’m passionate about,” said Hayes. “I want to share that story, from seeing that thing that makes you different from a bad thing to a good thing.

“I want to share that with anybody who’s maybe been through something similar or going through something now.”

Hayes is only just getting started.

“This is my world,” he said. “This is all I ever dreamed about.”