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SASKATOON – Home ownership is a dream for many and a reality for a growing number of people thanks to the provincial government’s Headstart on a Home program.

It has been responsible for almost 1,500 entry level homes in Saskatchewan.

Though home ownership is not all it’s cracked up to be for a couple of Saskatonians who warn – buyer beware.

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A self-declared middle class citizen who lives paycheque to paycheque, home ownership for Amanda Walyluk was out of the question until she heard about the program.

“I could never afford this type of house without it,” said Walyluk.

The province offers financing to developers to build housing at or below average Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing prices – making home ownership possible for people of various income groups.

Walyluk’s home in the Hampton Village neighbourhood was built by Vantage Developments.

“If I knew all of what I know now, I would have never done it,” said Walyluk.

Across the city in Rosewood, a similar story surfaced as people moved into their new homes – also constructed by Vantage Developments.

In May, Faith Stadnyk gave notice at the home she was renting but when she went to move into her new home, it was not ready.

This left Stadnyk without a home for weeks. She was put up in a motel in Grasswood.

Now that she is in her new home, she has noticed shingles are lifting and the selling feature granite countertops are arborite.

“If two years ago I would have been aware of everything that I’d have to go through to get to this point, I wouldn’t have done it,” said Stadnyk.

Global News has tried several times to get ahold of Vantage Developments to discuss their construction projects. All attempts were unsuccessful.

Westcap Management, which handles the financing for Headstart projects on behalf of the province, says future applications by Vantage Developments and all construction companies will continue to be scrutinized.

Westcap also advises new homeowners to do their due diligence and be knowledgeable about their rights and responsibilities when purchasing a home.