B.C. government scores minor victory in teachers strike – National

VANCOUVER – The B.C. government has scored a victory in its dispute with striking teachers.

The provincial labour board has ordered teachers to show up for summer classes for high-school students who failed a course during the year.

The board says teachers must hold classes for students from Grades 10 to 12 who can’t take the failed course during the next school year.

The board is also asking the government to lift its lockout conditions, such as reduced pay, for teachers who work this summer.

But the board didn’t rule on a second government request concerning a small number of schools that don’t break for the summer and have classes year around.

It has put off a decision until a later date.

Teachers went on strike on June 17th, meaning an early summer holiday for more than a half million students.

Class size and pay are among the issues that remain unresolved.



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